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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Prophet's Prayer

Yes, I know this is Isaiah and not John,
but I'm fairly certain his prayers were
substantially the same! And I kinda like
this picture anyway. :-) 
This blog has an odd name. In fact, you may have come here expecting something very different. That's okay. This is a safe blog, I promise. The name Prophet's Prayer is drawn from the prophet John's words at the end of his Revelation. In Revelation 22:20 he gives words to the heart's cry of every Christian, "Come Lord Jesus!"

I have absolutely no idea which way this blog will go. I've owned the domain for years and it's been used off and on for a few different things. Right now though all I want to use it for is ministry. I hope and pray that a few people will come along with me on this journey. We live in interesting times and that is a good time for the Church - it's a time when we grow closer to the Lord and away from the World.

If you have thoughts or ideas feel free to contact me.

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